What does PPE stand for?

What regulations apply to PPE?

What about PPE worn in leisure activities e.g sports helmets, arm bands etc?

What types of activities and sectors may require PPE?

When must PPE be used?

Why should PPE only be used as a last resort?

PPE has its limitations because:

I have heard people say PPE is the last line of defence. What does this mean?

What should I do before I buy PPE?

Who pays for PPE in workplace?

Section 8 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 places a duty on employers to supply PPE where risks cannot be eliminated or adequately controlled.

Do I have to keep providing PPE when employees say they have “lost” their PPE?

a) Adopt "new for old" system for disposable PPE - gloves, boots etc

b) Apply signing in / out procedure for special equipment - harness etc

c) Implement a points procedure for lost equipment as part of the employees' ownership (as part of the disciplinary procedures)

To be successful, time is required to control and monitor PPE and detailed records must be kept.

Do I need training in use of PPE

As an employee, do I have to wear PPE

There is a duty on employees, having regard to their training and instructions, to make correct use of PPE. Employees should:

As an employer, how do I ensure employees wear their PPE?

Does PPE have to be tested and inspected?

How should PPE be stored?

Do I have to share my ear muffs with my colleagues?

No. Regulation 129(1)(a) of the 2007 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations requires the provision of individual hearing protectors”

What do I do with asbestos PPE after it has been used?

How often should PPE be replaced?

What is the Life Expectancy of Hard Hats (additional Information to above)

(a) be stored in a safe place, e.g. on a peg or in a cupboard on site;
(b) not be stored in direct sunlight or in excessively hot, humid conditions because long-term exposure can weaken the shell;
(c) be checked regularly for signs of damage or deterioration;
(d) have defective parts replaced (if the model allows this). Parts from one model cannot normally be interchanged with those from another;
(e) have the sweatband cleaned regularly or replaced.

What is the Life Expectancy of Fall Arrest Systems:

Can I use nuisance dust masks to protect me against dusts?

Are Anchor Devices considered PPE?

Can you recommend where to buy PPE?

The HSA do not recommend individual suppliers or companies. Here are a few guidelines to help you purchase the correct PPE:

· It is important the person you are seeking advice from knows what they are talking about e.g.

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