Hand sanitizer-100 ml bottle. 70% alcohol

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  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Fast & effective
  • Long lasting
  • Easy Open - Easy Close 100ml bottle
  • Perfect for 'On the Go'
  • Back to work
  • Back to college
  • Anti bacterial hand gel
  • 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel
  • Must have PPE
  • Antiseptic hand hygiene with an antiseptic handwash agent, or alcohol handrub or hand sanitiser product which is used on visibly clean hands. Always wash hands when visibly contaminated, or having been in contact with surfaces
  • An alcohol-based hand sanitiser product should only be used on visibly clean hands and is recognised as a superior hand hygiene product for almost every situation and available from Irish PPE suppliers
  • Alcohol handrub or hand sanitiser products with added emollient reduce the risk of dermatological side effects. Repeated use of alcohol-based products with added emollients may result in an excessive build up of emollient on the hands, and this may be reduced by periodic washing with soap and water
  • For further information, refer https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications-data/directory-guidance-prevention-and-control/core-requirements-healthcare-settings-0
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